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Dragon Quest VII Producer Talks Localization Structure And More At PAX West



At a Dragon Quest VII panel which took place during PAX West over the weekend, the game’s producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto was present to discuss a bit about the upcoming remake.


One of the topics covered was that of the game’s localization structure, including the translations of spells. For example, while the original game had fire spells translated to Blaze and BlazeMore, the remake’s new translation has changed these to Frizz and Frizzle, respectively.


In addition, Fujimoto also talked about Dragon Quest VII’s vocation system. In the original game, it was possible for players to complete the game after having mastered only around a total of four vocations. However, the remake of the game sees a rebalancing of this system, meaning players will complete the game after mastering about ten vocations per character.


To watch the whole recording from the PAX panel, you can check out the following video.



Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past will release in North America and Europe on September 16th.

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