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Dragon Quest VIII Screenshots Show New Playable Characters, Red And Morrie



    Square Enix producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto recently showed us more on the new playable characters with Red and Morrie and their moves in Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS. 4Gamer provides a closer look at what’s new with some more screenshots for the game.


    002 003 005 006 007

    In Dragon Quest VIII, you’ll learn skills the same way as you did in the original game, by using skill points obtained after leveling up. In the 3DS version, you won’t have to use them all, and will get to save as many points as you want for the next time.


    Red is considered an advanced class version of the Thief, as she primarily uses fans, whips, and daggers in battle. Here’s a look at some of the skills she’ll have access to in Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS:


    008 009

    Fan Dango


    010 011

    Twin Dragon Lash


    Next up is Morrie, a character that uses different healing and support spells. He’s considered an evolved mix of a Martial Artist and Minstrel, and uses claws, boomerangs, and blunt weapons. Here are a couple of his skills:


    012 013



    014 015

    Morrie Burning


    In addition to Morrie’s “Morrie Burning” skill that has him pose to burn out enemies with a sea of fire, there will be other new skills added to the game.


    016 017

    018 019 020 021

    The above is a look at some familiar and also a couple new monsters in Dragon Quest VIII.


    022 023

    The above is a look at the new option that lets you change the speed of the battle. You’ll have two choices between normal and fast speeds, where the fast option will increase it by x1.5. You can get a better look at how it works in our earlier report.


    Dragon Quest VIII is slated for release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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