Dragon Quest VIII On Smartphones Runs On Unity


Square Enix recently released the mobile port of Dragon Quest VIII, and it looks like the game runs on the popular Unity engine.


During 4Gamers end-of-year talks with developers, Unity Technologies Japan’s director Hiroki Oomae talks about how Square Enix and other mobile developers  have recently started using the engine for their games.


“This year, we’ve had plenty of people utilize Unity for their games; the PS3 had those from Sony Computer Entertainment use it for rain,” Oomae says. “And on smartphone we had Square Enix use it for Dragon Quest VIII and Colopl for Quiz RPG: Magician and the Black Cat Wiz, and many other significant titles that were released in Japan.”


“I feel that Japanese developers have solidified their basic know-how,” continues Oomae. “While Unity continues improving with 2D functions, we’ve started things like ‘Unity Prefecture Meetings’ and [mascot] ‘Unity-chan’ as we get closer to ‘a world where just about anyone can make games’.”


He adds, “We’re doing our best so you all can enjoy the ‘game life’ even if it’s a little at a time. Also, in the year 2014, I’ll be releasing my own game! I swear!”

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