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Dragon Quest VIII Video Reveals How New Characters Morrie And Red Fit In With Yangus



Dragon Quest VIII producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto previously got together with V-Jump to show off the game, where he explained why it won’t support stereoscopic 3D, and more. The two are back with more footage showing the two new characters Red and Morrie.


The footage starts at the 2:03 mark of the video, where we get to see Morrie as a playable character for the first time in Dragon Quest VIII. Fujimoto says that if you were to classify him as a job class, he’d be something like an evolved mix of the Martial Artist and Minstrel in Dragon Quest IX.


As for Red, she’s considered an advanced class version of the Thief, which is pretty fitting for both of their looks. Morrie has different healing and support spells, and a special ability with his name in it, but it’s still a secret. Red can also heal, but has some status effect spells.


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While the stereoscopic 3D isn’t featured on the fields, it actually works while looking at the characters in the menu. Morrie can use claws, boomerangs, and blunt weapons. Meanwhile, Red uses fans, whips, and short swords. Fujimoto keeps teasing V-Jump’s Saito by saying “hey I heard you like whips, it’s that whip you love,” to which Saito responds with “well, yeah, I do, but you don’t need to tell everyone!”


We get to see some combat action at the 6:20 mark of the video. They also comment on Morrie’s funny way of walking. Morrie uses the “Tiger Claw” weapon, which was seen in Dragon Quest X.


Fujimoto explains that in the original Dragon Quest VIII, you always had to spend all of your skill points obtained after leveling up, but this time you’ll get to save them for when you’d like to use it next time.


Additionally, at the 9:15 mark, they show us how you can now change the battle speed. There are only two options of normal and fast, but going with the fast option will increase the battle speed by x1.5, which will make it pretty handy for leveling up characters.


Red also has the “Steal” ability, which she can use in battle to steal items and Gold from the monsters. Considering that they got 120G from the fight and she was able to snag an extra 226G, it wouldn’t be a bad way to collect some extra pocket Gold. Morrie will have access to his “Call Team” ability, which is actually voiced in the game.


The gameplay footage concludes with a look at some scenes featuring both Morrie and Red at the 12:30 mark of the video.


Dragon Quest VII is slated for release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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