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Dragon Quest VIII Will Test Your Monster Battle Road Skill To Recruit Morrie



Dragon Quest VIII released today in Japan, and the game offers plenty of new content for players to discover. 4Gamer’s shares the latest batch of screenshots, along with a hint on how to recruit one of the new party members in Morrie.



002 003

The above screenshots show us parts of the very start of the game.


004 005

006 007

008 009

010 011

Followed by a look at the small town called Farebury, which is also the first town you visit at the beginning. The screenshots show its weapon shop, inn, tavern, and Kalderasha the fortuneteller.


012 013

014 015


The Waterfall Cave is an early dungeon where you’ll go to help out Kalderasha find his crystal ball. The original version had you find the cave’s map in a treasure chest, but you’ll have the map right off the bat in the 3DS version.



While we still don’t know how to recruit Morrie, 4Gamersays that you’ll need to win through the Monster Battle Road in order to get him, so you’ll want to brush up on your monster fighting skills before getting him to join your party.


Dragon Quest VIII released today in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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