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Dragon Quest VIII’s Photo Mode Has A Photo Sticker Booth Feature



We’ve seen how Dragon Quest VIII’s photo mode lets you track down rare monsters and hidden items, but it also has a neat little photo sticker booth feature to it. 4Gamer’s latest update on the game shows us how it works.


001 002

The photos you take on Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS can be left alone the way they are and shared with your friends, but they can also be decorated with special stamps and custom frames.


003 004

You can modify the stamp’s size and angle to your liking, or change the frame as shown in the above images.


005 006 007 008 009

There are plenty of new costumes for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII, so you’ll get to come up with all kinds of different photos with the characters in various parts of the game.



Once you’ve arranged your screenshot to your liking, you’ll get to share them through StreetPass as a postcard. These include a message for the receivers, in addition to  other information such as the player name, play time, number of times


011 012

The receivers can then give different “like” ratings for the photo, and depending on how many you get, you’ll be rewarded with various items. You can also share these photos on the Internet with other players.


Dragon Quest VIII will release in Japan on August 27, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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