Dragon Quest Walk Mobile Game Partners With Suntory for Special Missions

Dragon Quest Walk Suntory

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited has announced a partnership with the Dragon Quest Walk mobile game from Square-Enix that will involve 14,000 of its vending machines nationwide across Japan. The vending machines act as a “Recovery Spot,” similar to how different locations act as a Poké Stop in Pokémon GO.


In addition to becoming a place where players can recover their HP and MP; there will also be some exclusive missions where you can get gems and limited collaboration accessories.

Dragon Quest Walk Slime

There are also benefits for using the Suntory vending machines when purchasing food and drinks. 50,000 Dragon Quest Walk mobile wallpapers will be available via a QR code, along with a lottery for 1,000 QUO Cards, which is a prepaid card featuring a Dragon Quest Slime design and 300 yen.

Dragon Quest Walk vending machine

Dragon Quest Walk is a free-to-play augmented reality RPG for smartphones, and in many ways is Square-Enix’s answer to Niantic’s Pokémon GO. The game passed 5 million downloads in its first week and surpassed the 10 million mark after just two months. An update scheduled for January 28, 2020 will add “Sage” and “Ranger” classes.

Dragon Quest Walk QUO card

Dragon Quest Walk is available now in Japan for Apple iOS and Android devices. A western release has not been announced. The collaboration with Suntory began on January 27, 2020 in Japan.

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