Dragon Quest X Adds The Series’ Traditional Board Game In Its Casino



Sugoroku mini-games have been a recurring theme since the earlier days of the Dragon Quest series, and it will continue carrying on this tradition to Dragon Quest X, in its upcoming expansion later next month. 4Gamer shares a first look at how it plays.



Players will get to play Sugoroku at the casino’s Bingo Hall area, and they’ll get to play either solo or with up to four other players. The mini-game will allow players to acquire Coins, which can be used for trade-ins at the casino.



Once you reach the goal, there will be a special boss waiting for you. These bosses are said to be quite different, but if you beat them, you’ll be rewarded with some nice loot.


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There are also a bunch of treasure chests you can open in the mini-game, which will provide you with useful items and casino Coins; however, if you get too carried away and open a bad one, you could end up with a Mimic, and those are never good.


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There’s also a Temple of Dharma space, where you’ll get to change your jobs. Jobs have different abilities that will come in handy as you advance through the board game. For example, the Thief job has “Accelerate,” which adds two more dice to your roll.



The Hocus Pocus spell also has its own space on the board game. Similar to the spell, you won’t know what will happen until landing on its space.


Dragon Quest X’s expansion will release in Japan on April 30, 2015.

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