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Dragon Quest X Lets You Shove Enemies Into Magic Spells



Dragon Quest X looks like previous titles with command menus, but Square Enix changed the battle system. Actions take place in real time and menus come up when its your character’s turn. The whole thing sounds similar to Final Fantasy’s active turn battles.


Spells also have an area of effect, which will miss friends and foes if they’re not in range. So, what happens if an Evilhawk isn’t standing in the Boom spell’s blast circle? You can push the monster into the attack. A new weight parameter will be introduced in the game, which is determined by your character’s body type and equipment. If you’re heavier you can shove a monster into a spell.


A mix of a mage and fighter, Entertainers are a jack of all trades calls in Dragon Quest X: Waking of the Five Tribes. These characters can equip fans, daggers, and polearms in battle.


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One of their special attacks is throwing a dagger like a boomerang and Hustle Dance, a class skill, can restore HP to the entire party when your group is in a pinch.


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Another big reveal is you begin Dragon Quest X as a human in Etene Village. The main character is the middle child with a big brother, big sister, younger brother, and younger sister. You’re known as a troublemaker with a carefree kind of spirit even though both of your parents passed away when you were a child.


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