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Dragon Quest X Shows Glimpses Of Its New Expanded Storyline



When last we looked on yonder land of Rendashia in the upcoming Dragon Quest X expansion The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally, we were deep in the mountains and the town of Serado pondering the meaning of the online RPG’s oddly titled expansion name. It seems one of the town’s characters, Rizerotta, will have a larger role to play in the story than we thought, if the latest promotional video is any indicator.



Meanwhile, Crows is front and centre and looks set to be the main mover of your quest to uncover just what is going on in this once fog-shrouded continent, ever seeming to push you to awaken something in your memories. Mishua, the amnesiac, also looks to be playing a larger role than her first appearance might suggest, with a shot of her and someone looking eerily like her twin in the video. Shades of body swapping?


There are other characters who haven’t been introduced before as well, including what looks like a mechanic-style girl with a Killer Panther as a friend (Maybe she’s a Beastmaster?) above, and a very brave, very foolish young boy with naught but a tree branch who charges in after Mishua is downed by a demonic grabbing hand (below).



Dragon Quest X: The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally will be out on PC, Wii and WIi U December 5th.