Square Enix shared new details on two Dragon Quest XI characters in this week’s issue of Jump magazine. Here’s the latest on the martial artist Martina and the mysterious old man named Row. [Thanks, @爆裂道.]



Martina is a rather vague female martial artist who is traveling around the world for a certain purpose.


Here are some of her moves:

  • Sexy Beam (Sex Appeal Skill) – Uses her beauty to emasculate monsters.
  • Witch Nail (Claw Skill)
  • Lightning Storm (Spear Skill) – Assaults an enemy with lightning from hell.
  • Miracle Moon (Martial Art Skill)






Row looks like your average traveling merchant at first glance, but he’s a mysterious old man with the ability to cast advanced spells and martial arts abilities.


Here’s more on Row’s moves:

  • Riger Crush (Claw Skill) – Peppers the monster with consecutive powerful blows.
  • Null Baptism (Enlightenment Skill) – Takes away buffs from enemies.
  • Revival Staff (Two-handed Staff Skill) – Revives a party member.
  • Kazing – Revives one ally.
  • Kazam – Massive dark damage spell.
  • Kacrackle – Massive ice damage spell.


The bottom-right of the scan shows a tiny bit on a new town called Grotta, a flourishing town located in the northern parts of Rotozetasia. There’s a “Masked Martial Arts Tournament” where masked fighters gather to fight. The magazine shows a statue of “General Greig” who won the tournament a long time ago.The arena appears to have a special kind of fight that awaits the players.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. The game is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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