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Dragon Quest XI Details Spell of Restoration Feature And A Look At Its Skill Panel System



We recently learned about Dragon Quest XI’s Final Fantasy-like “Skill Panel” system, and Square Enix’s latest screenshots give us a closer look at how it works as well as info on the “Spell of Restoration” feature.



The Skill Panel is the system used in Dragon Quest XI to spend points from leveling up into flipping panels to learn new abilities, status increases, and more. These are unique to each character and will give you the freedom to unlock panels to suit your preference and needs.


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The panels consist of various skills that are unique for each weapon and character.



By spreading across the Skill Panels, you can have characters learn skills the way you want.




For example, you can have a Sylvia use both dagger and whip skills.


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Or instead of spreading your points thin, you can work your way towards powerful skills to learn them earlier instead, such as Sylvia’s useful Hustle Dance.


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Here’s a look at some of the skills you can learn:


Protagonist “Giga Slash”


Deals heavy damage with a blade of lightning.


Camus “Steal”


Steal an item from the enemy.


Camus “Slime Blow”


A special boomerang skill.


Senya “Fire Melody”


Fire protection.


Veronica “Magic Awakening”


Increases spell power.


Sylvia “Flute of Fascination”


Charms monsters with a flute.


Martina “Vacuum Kick”


Powerful kick attack.


Rou “Caster Surgar”


Enlightenment that brings a boost in spell effects.




The “Spell of Restoration” is a feature that lets you enter a code at the adventure log menu to continue a game at around the same part you left off. With the ability to log your protagonist’s name and story progression, this function lets you continue the story on a different platform.


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However, keep in mind that your level, money, and story progress won’t carry over the exactly the same while using this feature, but it’ll give you an estimate of everything based on how far the password takes you.




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One neat little feature for Spell of Restoration lets you start a new adventure using codes from the Famicom version of Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II to get some extra gold to help out in the early parts of the game.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. The game is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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