Dragon Quest XI Is In Development, And Will Be Made For Home Consoles



Yuji Horii, best known as the creator of the Dragon Quest series, previously teased a bit on the next installment of the series. In a recent radio show called Mangaku N Channel SP, he finally revealed that Dragon Quest XI is in development. Inside Games shares more from the event.


Besides a few teases, prior to this radio show, Horii frequently avoided the topic of Dragon Quest XI. After looking back at past works of the series such as Dragon Quest IV and V, they talked about the future of Dragon Quest.


According to the report, Horii announced that they’re currently working on the development of Dragon Quest XI, as the series nears its 30th anniversary (in 2016,) and he wants it to be played on the big screen.


He reiterated his previous statement that it is not being for mobile devices, but he also added that it’s also not being made for handheld consoles, but they’re currently developing it for the home console.


While he didn’t specify which console or give an estimate as to when the game might be released, we’ll likely be hearing more about it as its 30th anniversary approaches. The radio show will rebroadcast this episode on June 17, so we might get more details around then.

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