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Dragon Quest XI Goes Gold, New Footage For Its Smithing, Skill Panel, Horse Racing, Casino



Square Enix hosted the latest “Countdown Carnival” event for Dragon Quest XI in Nagoya, and the company showcased its latest footage along with the announcement of the RPG going gold.


At the 25:58 mark of the video, we start out with a look at the “Mysterious Forge” feature that is basically how crafting works in the game. At 35:35 they show more of the “Skill Panel” system, which is similar to skill-learning systems we’ve seen in Final Fantasy games.


Next, at 41:50 we’re shown a demonstration of the “Horse Racing,” a new activity that’s been added to Dragon Quest XI and will be available at a certain town. Last but not least, we get to peek inside the RPG’s new “Casino” and its games at the 45;40 mark of the video.



We also learned about the third “Restrictive Play” feature being “unable to equip armor.” The first one is “unable to make purchases” and the second is “unable to escape battles.” There will be about four restriction options that players will get to switch on and off at any time to provide extra challenges for themselves during their playthrough.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. The game is also in development for Nintendo Switch.

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