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Dragon Quest XI Shares More About The Traveling Entertainer Sylvia’s Moves



Square Enix shared the latest details on Dragon Quest XI with their latest character highlight in V-Jump featuring Sylvia, the traveling entertainer who dreams, Sylvia.


Sylvia is a free-spirited traveling entertainer, who dreams of bringing smiles to the faces of everyone across the world with his acts. He uses a whip as his main weapon in combat and is a versatile party member with the ability to attack, support, and heal.


Here are some of his abilities and spells:


  • Hustle: A dance skill. Heals all party members with a dance that brings out energy in everyone.


  • Miracle Slash: A single-handed sword skill. Damages enemy while recovering own HP.


  • Killer Juggling: An acrobatic skill. Throws a ball to damage all enemies.


  • Love Whip: A whip skill. Deals collective damage using a splendid whip.


  • Oomph: Sylvia’s spell. Increases an ally’s attack power.


  • Viper Fang: An explorer skill. Attacks a single target, occasionally inflicting a poison status effect.


The magazine also has a quick look at the Samadhi Kingdom, located in a desert area of the game. It’s a place that places value on chivalry and its history. Its young prince is said to be an excellent knight as well. The popular horse racing also takes place at Samadhi Kingdom.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. Check our earlier report to learn more about moves from the previously features characters, Veronica and Senya.

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