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Dragon Quest XI’s 3DS Version Screenshots Shows How You’ll Visit Past Dragon Quest Worlds



We recently learned about Dragon Quest XI’s 3DS-exclusive features that let you revisit previous Dragon Quest games and more. Here’s a closer look with new screenshots and info on the game’s official website.


In Dragon Quest XI’s 3DS version you’ll get to experience the game in the 3D Mode that brings characters and other creatures to life or the 2D Mode that brings back some nostalgia from the old school Dragon Quest games.


The starting part of the game will show the game in 3D on the top screen and 2D on the bottom screen, as shown in the top image. During this part you’ll move using the slide pad to move using the slide pad for the top screen and the d-pad for the bottom screen.


First, here’s the game’s 3D Mode:



Once you read a certain point, you’ll have to decide on one of the two modes, but you can also switch between them at any time by visiting a church.




In battles you’ll see plenty of lively monsters. They might even surround you at times.



Monsters will attack the party whenever they notice your party nearby.



The bottom screen of the 3DS displays HP, MP, and other party stats.


Next is a look at the 2D Mode:




The battles show all kinds of colorful displays with the nostalgic pixel-art style.



As you’d expect from a classic style, 2D Mode has random encounters for its battles.



The bottom screen also has the party stats, but it has more of a classic menu look in 2D Mode.




Once you reach a certain area, you’ll get to view your “Adventure Memories.” This will allow you to watch key scenes again so that you can see what they’re like in 2D or 3D mode.



The 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI you’ll come across the “Yocchi,” a special tribe from the Incarnations of Time. You’ll get to visit their village to take advantage of a 3DS-exclusive StreetPass function.


Only the Yocchi are able to visit the “Time-Crossing Dungeon” that you find, and you’ll have to gather the Yocchi via StreetPass to take them on. We’re not exactly sure what you get from these dungeons, but they say that there’s a surprises that await.



The above is a look at the “Yocchi Village.”



By collecting the Yocchi, you’ll get to further explore the dungeon.



You can even find items from treasure chests here. There’s also a powerful guardian that awaits at the end.





The Yocchi actually have an important mission, and they need help from the protagonist to accomplish it. You’ll help out by helping them find “Adventure Log Passwords” in the dungeon.



By finding an Adventure Log Password, you’ll get to visit a world from an Adventure Log, which can take you to places like Galenholm from the very first Dragon Quest.



Or Erinn’s Angel Falls inn from Dragon Quest IX.


Dragon Quest XI releases in Japan on July 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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