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Dragon Quest XI’s First Screenshots Show More Of The PS4 And 3DS RPG



Square Enix revealed the first screenshots for Dragon Quest XI: In Search of the Departed Time, that shows us a closer look at the upcoming game on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.


Starting with a look at the PlayStation 4 version of the game:



Here’s what the field looks like on PlayStation 4, where you’ll see different scenery and monsters in the areas.



The town appears to be surrounded by castle walls. There are homes shown in irregular parts on the walls, I wonder what that could be about.



Here’s a look at the town area from a higher perspective. You’ll get to walk around in all the parts shown in the screenshot, even across ropes.



The battle screen shows us a some familiar monsters. As for the battle system, it’s in the traditional turn-based format, with symbol encounters, meaning you’ll see the monsters on the field prior to starting the battles.


Next up, is a look at the 3DS version of the game:



The above shows a look at the more modern 3DS style on the top screen, along with the old school 2D style on the bottom.



Here’s what it looks like when you’re in town for both styles.


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Dragon Quest XI for 3DS has 2D and 3D modes for the battles as well.



The events also have their own unique looks in both modes. As previously reported, Dragon Quest XI on 3DS won’t  concurrently play in 2D and 3D throughout the entire game, and it’ll only be that way for the opening stages of the game. Afterwards, you’ll get to select which style to play, and can change between 3D and 2D styles at any time.


Dragon Quest XI is in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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