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Dragonlord Returns In Dragon Quest Heroes II’s Series Of Free DLC



Square Enix recently announced that Dragon Quest Heroes II is getting more post-release content with DLC, and have provided a schedule with a look at what’s to come on its official website.


Part 1:


The first DLC released yesterday. It feature two sub-stories, one for Dragon Quest IV’s Torneko and another featuring Maribel and Gabo from Dragon Quest VII. It also adds new Slime weapons that you can acquire with medals for the protagonists, Cesar, Torneko, Gabo, and Maribel.


Part 2:


The second DLC will release on June 9, 2016. It features a map that will let you fight against the mighty Estark, who originally appeared in Dragon Quest IV. This batch features sub-stories for Maya and Meena from Dragon Quest IV, and one for Dragon Quest VI’s Terry and Carver. Each of the mentioned characters also get their own Slime Weapons as well.


Part 3:


The third DLC batch will arrive on June 16, 2016 and it features sub-stories for Jessica and Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII and one for Alena and Kiryl. The four characters will get their own Slime weapons as well. Additionally, the protagonists from the first game in Luceus and Aurora, along with Bianca and Nera will be available in “Space-Time Labyrinth” mode, which can be played from one to four players.


Part 4:


Part 4 of the DLC series will be available starting June 23, 2016. More details will be available on the fourth wave of DLC, but it’ll feature the return of Dragonlord. It’ll also add King Doric, Isla, Yangus, and Psaro as playable characters to the Space-Time Labyrinth mode.


Part 5

And finally, part 5 will be available sometime during the first half of July. It’ll add the competitive multiplayer mode, “Monster Coin Battle.” While not much is known about it, the mode won’t have players fighting each other, but it’ll instead be a mode where four players are put in their own zones and compete in defense battles for the highest score.


Dragon Quest Heroes II is available in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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