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Dragon’s Crown Boasts Over 20 Hours Of Gameplay Per Character


The release of Atlus’ upcoming 2D fantasy action RPG, Dragon’s Crown, is less than a month away, and there are still plenty of questions regarding the PlayStation 3 and Vita title. In a recent nation-wide event in Japan, fans got to try a hands-on experience of the game and submit questions, of which Atlus have picked a few to answer on their official site.


Some players felt a sense of discomfort while trying to do dashes. According to Atlus, you can either double-tap the directional buttons for a dash or press the square button and a directional at the same time for a dash, giving you a choice of whichever one you feel more comfortable with.


In Dragon’s Crown, you’ll be finding various foods to eat for heals. Not only do they recover your HP, but they can also increase your maximum health to about 150% of its original value. However, once your HP is over your limit, you won’t be able to consume more until it decreases.


There are all sorts of effects going on in the game, especially when combat gets hectic with all the monsters in the dungeon runs. This may cause some people to have a difficult time telling themselves apart from the other players. Atlus recommends keeping an eye on the different colored rings of red, blue, yellow, and green that appear around your character, as a way to track where you stand.


After being able to try out the game for a short period of time, some players wondered how much volume the story parts consist of in Dragon’s Crown. Atlus confirms that there will be a considerable amount of volume to each character’s story, which can take about 20 hours just to clear. In addition, there will be some unlockable content and more to do upon completing a character’s story, which Atlus hopes players will enjoy, but they also hope that players won’t forget to eat and sleep, or live their real lives.


There are two methods of online matchmaking for Dragon’s Crown. They are Random and Friend Entry. In Random Entry, you’ll get to play with different people from around the world. These players will be close to your level, so you won’t have to worry about playing with others who are too strong or weak. As the name implies, Friend Entry is where you’ll get to play with your buddies via PlayStation 3 or Vita.


The PlayStation 3 version of the game will support a combination of local play and online matchmaking. For example, you could play with two players on the PlayStation 3, then have two random players join your game in Random Entry fashion to fill up the remaining slots. As previously reported, there won’t be a  cross-platform multiplayer feature between the two versions.


Dragon’s Crown comes out for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on July 25 in Japan. Atlus USA will release the game in North America a week later on August 6.


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