PlayStation 4

Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Highlights The Long-Ranged Specialist, The Elf



Atlus shared its third video in the character introduction series to reintroduce the six playable characters of Dragon’s Crown Pro. The latest video highlights the nimble long-ranged specialist, the Elf.


The Elf is best with long-ranged attacks with the ability to hit enemies on the opposite side of the screen with ease. She also has some melee attacks to knockback any enemies that get close by. However, while her bow and arrows are her biggest strengths, they can also be her biggest weakness as she renders herself defenseless at times when she’s out of arrows. For this reason, she’s recommended as more of a party character so that she can restock arrows with ease.


Dragon’s Crown Pro releases in Japan on February 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out the previous character introduction videos with the Fighter and Amazon. Additionally, it was recently revealed that Dragon’s Crown Pro will be playable at PlayStation Experience 2017, so it might not be long until we hear a localization announcement for the game.

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