PlayStation 4

Dragon’s Crown Pro’s Dwarf Tosses Enemies Left And Right In His Introduction Trailer



Atlus shared the fourth video in the character introduction series for Dragon’s Crown Pro, and the latest one is a focus on the powerhouse tank Dwarf who tosses enemies left and right with ease.


The Dwarf is considered more of an aggressive tank with the ability to cover those around him while also boasting the best defense of all characters. Unlike the more defensive tank in the Fighter class, Dwarf relies on his abilities that reduce damage as he dives into the frontline of action.


His ability to throw enemies can come in super handy when it comes to crowd control, as you’re able to hit multiple targets with just one throw.


Dragon’s Crown Pro releases in Japan on February 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out the previous character introduction videos with the Fighter, Amazon, and Elf.

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