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Dragon’s Crown Update Patch In Japan Tweaks Fighter And Amazon



Dragon’s Crown continues to receive regular updates in Japan, with the latest tweak addressing network stability again and tweaking the Fighter and Amazon’s classes further. Check below for the patch notes.


[Bug Fixes]

  • Improved Network stability


[New Features]

  • The triangle cursor can now be set to “Do not show/Show all/Show”
  • Damage meters can now be set to “Show mine/Show all”


[Features Modifications]

  • Fighter and Amazon’s Guard Time Equipment durability has gone up
  • The Amazon’s Berserker State effectiveness has been tweaked
  • Other various system and operability tweaks


Keep in mind this is the third major Japanese update to the game. The NA version was updated with the second set of updates earlier.


Dragon’s Crown will be published in Europe October 11th, with the US version out now.