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Dragon’s Crown Will Have Three Difficulties, Each With Its Own Level Cap


In our earlier report, we got a look at some questions fans had for Atlus after trying a hands-on experience of the upcoming 2D fantasy action RPG, Dragon’s Crown. In addressing the questions, Atlus revealed the game will feature roughly 20 hours of gameplay per character, and shared additional details surrounding online play. Now, in their latest update, we get a look at the next set of questions and answers.


The first question is one that many fans have had since Atlus announced that Dragon’s Crown will feature local play on the PlayStation 3 version, is whether multiple players will be able to play with their own data along with their friends.


Atlus answers that during the PlayStation 3 version’s local play, the game will be based off the host’s data, so you won’t be able to play using your own characters; however, the PlayStation Vita version will allow you to do so through Ad-Hoc play.


Dragon’s Crown will feature plenty of skills that can be acquired for each character class, and some people are also worried about whether there will be any form of skill resetting, should you not be satisfied with what you have, or if you’d rather have other skills down the road. According to the developers, there will be a way to reset your skills through the use of a specific item, but it will be difficult to acquire.


Additionally, some players were a little disgruntled by the fact that the Elf’s arrow shots are actually limited. To these players, Atlus says that there’s a skill called “Arrow Stock” which increases the maximum amounts of arrow she can carry. In addition, there’s another skill called “Dagger Option” that allows you to play her as a “Dagger Elf,” and another skill called “Enhance Boots” that allows her to use powerful kicking attacks.


For the players who still wish to use her as a traditional Bow and Arrow Elf, they recommend enhancing her Arrow Stock skills.


As previously mentioned, it will take about 20 hours to complete a character’s story, but what about the level cap? That was another one of the questions fans had.


There are actually three sets of level caps in Dragon’s Crown. When you start the game, you’ll be playing in Normal Mode, which has a cap of Lv. 35. As you progress through the story and meet a certain condition, you’ll be able to  challenge stages in Hard Mode, which are level capped at 65.


Finally, after you clear Hard Mode, you’ll have access to the Inferno Mode, which will up the level cap to Lv. 99. Furthermore, Atlus shares that there’s a little more challenge in the Labyrinth of Chaos, an automatically generated dungeon that appears upon beating the game, especially in Inferno Mode.


Dragon’s Crown comes out for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on July 25 in Japan. Atlus USA will release the game in North America shortly after, on August 6.


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