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Dragon’s Dogma Online Demonstrates How To Make Pawns



Dragon Dogma Online’s closed beta testing recently started for PC, PS3, and PS4, which will go on until July 15th before its release in late August. Capcom shared a look at some videos that show us a bit of the game’s story, and some of the Pawns of Dragon’s Dogma Online.


At the 0:45 mark, the video demonstrates how you can get Pawns by giving the White Dragon some Rift Crystals. Once you get a Pawn, you’ll get to put them in your party, after giving them some customizations.


They have various personalities, voices, and looks that you’ll get to choose to your liking. Once you have Pawn buddies, you’ll get to take up to three of them out there in combat.


While out exploring, they will say various comments about their surroundings and situations, and will also make comments about the battle and some of their actions while fighting enemies. Once you’re done, you’ll get to rate your Pawn and leave comments on their ratings.


Capcom shared a look at Dragon’s Dogma Online’s opening video, which you can check out above.


Additionally, they also shared a trailer that shows the Orc War of Dragon’s Dogma Online, where you can see a bit of what you’ll be up against in the upcoming title.


Dragon’s Dogma Online will officially launch in Japan on August 31, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

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