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Dragon’s Dogma Quest Brings Back Several Allies From Dragon’s Dogma


Dragon’s Dogma will be headed to the PlayStation Vita as a spin-off titled Dragon’s Dogma Quest. The game will be a free-to-play, online-only 2D RPG with micro-transaction options, boasting over 150 job classes for your allied pawns.


The official page gives us a look at some familiar faces who’ll be returning in the game.


After getting his heart stolen by a dragon, the main character had become an “Enlightened One”. Shortly afterwards, he was led by another Enlightened One, by the name Lota, who was coincidentally present during the event, and they journey back to their hometown in order to retrieve their hearts. A certain fate awaits the main character on their new adventure set in the Latania Kingdom.


Lota (left) and Olivia (right)

Several characters from the Dragon’s Dogma series will be making a return in the free-to-play online 2D RPG, such as the Night’s Champion Julien, the Enlistment Corps Captain Mercedes Marten and the shady shop owner Mountebank (all pictured above). These three, along with several other recurring characters will have their roles in part of the story.


Dragons won’t be the only beasts you’ll be facing, as there will be other creatures that’ll get in the way such as goblins and griffins. Dragon’s Dogma Quest will bring back familiar monsters and will also be including numerous new enemies.


As previously reported, pawns will accompany the Enlightened One on the journey. They’ll help in the battle against monsters and will feature over 150 job classes for the pawns. With so many job classes to choose from, knowing which combination of characters works better will be part of the strategy before going into battle. You’ll get to team up with for our friends’ pawns along with four of your own for a maximum of eight characters.


Dragon’s Dogma Quest will be a free-to-play downloadable PlayStation Vita game, and is slated for release in Fall 2013.

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