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Drakengard 3 Trailer Shows Zero Confronting All Of Her Sisters


Throughout the many updates we’ve seen from Square Enix, many of us have grown a liking to the Utautai sisters of Drakengard 3. Unfortunately, the game’s protagonist Zero has made it her goal to kill all of her sisters in order to save the world. The latest trailer for the game release at TGS gives us a peek at their encounters.



The trailer starts out with the lines: “What would you know?! You’ve disturbed the peace, and killed the sisters with whom you share blood… and… and… you think you’re saving the world on your own?!”


Following this, we get a look at Drakengard 3 protagonist Zero, in what appears to be fateful encounters with her sisters. Starting with a bloodied Five, who is known to be quite greedy. She is then seen embracing Four, the sister with a secret dark side beneath her caring character. While Three may be known for being lazy, she’s also a quirky character with an obsession for her dolls.


Next, we get a look at the sporty blue-haired sister Two, who is considered the life of the party. She is seen wielding her great sword while the Apostle Cent is shown downed on the floor. Finally, we get a look at the mature and reliable sister One, whom is looked up upon by the rest of the sisters. Not much has been revealed regarding the Utautai sister One, but you can check out more details on the character in our earlier report.


The trailer then concludes with Zero telling her partner dragon named Mikhail, that the time has come.


Drakengard 3 is slated for release on December 19 for PlayStation 3.

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