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Drakengard 3’s Utautai “Three” Is The Laziest Sister In The Group



So far, we’ve been introduced to several of Drakengard 3’s eccentric sisters. Starting with Zero, the protagonist whose goal to kill all of her sisters. One’s goal is to stop her. Four who is more reserved, but she still as promiscuous as the rest of the Utatai and Five harbors a greed that knows no bounds. Famitsu updates us on the new sister “Three,” who is considered to be the laziest of the bunch.




Three, the fourth Utautai sister, governs the forest country. According to Famitsu, the purple-haired Utautai also seems to have a following among the regular soldiers. She has a rather languid personality and is said to be quite lethargic, which could explain why some of the soldiers have found a likening to the easy-going sister.


Three doesn’t care about things she isn’t interested in. However, she displays an unusually deep sense of attachment towards things she likes. She’s a simple and phlegmatic girl, who appears to be indifferent towards her older sister Zero, who’s made it her goal to wipe out all of her sisters.


In our earlier report, we got a good look at two Drakengard 3 weapons in the combo-friendly sword and long-ranged spear, which can be seamlessly alternated in the middle of combos. The latest update gives us a look at two new weapons.


Battle Ring



Out of all the weapons in Drakengard 3, the Battle Ring boasts the most widespread attack-range. It can be used to simultaneously attack all the enemies in a circular area. This makes it a great weapon to handle crowds of enemies.


Fighting Gear


Unlike the Battle Ring and spear, the Fighting Gear has a very short attack-range. It makes up for it by being the fastest weapon and it deals the most amount of hits. Similar to the sword, the Fighting Gear will make it easy to connect combos.


Drakengard 3 is slated for release on October 31 for PlayStation 3.

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