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Drakengard 3’s Zero Looks Good In Caim And Kaine’s Clothes



We recently got a look at some of Drakengard 3’s DLC featuring Zero’s Drakengard 2 costumes, along with rearranged songs from Nier. Now, we have a look at the next wave of DLC, which shows Zero sporting costumes from Drakengard’s Caim and Nier’s Kaine.


Similar to the other two DLC costumes, these ones will have additional effects, as well. Here’s a closer look:


001  002

Kaine’s costume will give you twice the allotted time to pull off a counter move.



Caim’s gear halves the amount of stamina consumed while using skills. Both Kaine’s and Caim’s costumes will be going for 300 yen each.



While this one isn’t nearly as creepy as the Grotesquerie head accessory, I’m still not sure how Mikhail would feel having Nier’s “Experimental Weapon No. 7” Emil head, which will be going for 100 yen.


Additionally, there will be another set of rearranged tracks for Drakengard 3. This time, it’ll be rearranged versions of songs used in its official video and ending, such as “The Silence is Mine,” “Kuroi Uta,” and “Better End”. The three tracks will be available for 200 yen.


Drakengard 3 will be available in the west sometime in 2014.

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