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Dramatical Murder, A Boys’ Love Game With A Sci-Fi Story Headed To PS Vita



    Dramatical Murder was originally released a couple years ago by Ntrio+Chiral, the Boys’ Love branch of Nitroplus, known for working with 5pb on their science adventure series. The game is now headed to PlayStation Vita, with some details provided by the official website.


    To catch you up to speed on the story of the game, it takes place in the near future on a fictional island of Japan called Midorijima, which was previously known for being a place where mankind and nature peacefully coexisted.



    However, after being privatized by the Toe company, about a third of the island has become a resort called Platinum Jail.


    img_old-town img_platinum-jail

    While the island’s residents were forced into a ward, called the Former Residents’ District, the Platinum Jail and its latest facilities attracted all kinds of attention, forcing out the life of the area.


    img_rhyme img_allmate

    Meanwhile, the young folks living in the Former Residents’ District have been attracted to a popular cyber online game called Rhyme, where wars of hand-to hand combat known as Ribstiez takes, which also uses All Mates pets to go with, straying away from the peace that the island once knew.


    The protagonist Aoba Seragaki works at a “junk shop” located in the Former Residents’ District, where he spends his days working, and living with his grandmother Tae, as he thought that he could stay away from all the noise and live a simple life.


    However… at a certain place that Aoba isn’t aware of, something happens, and changes his simple life.


    Dramatical Murder Re: Code is slated for release on October 30, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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