DreadOut: Keepers Of The Dark Pits Players Against Thirteen Backer-Designed Ghosts



Ghost photographers have a new excuse to return to the world of DreadOut with the release of DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark, a new standalone game in the DreadOut universe. It has players snapping pictures of over thirteen ghosts, all of which have been designed by the game’s crowdfunding backers.




During the game’s IndieGoGo campaign, one of the reward tiers gave backers the opportunity to design ghosts from the game. While the team enjoyed the backer designs, they felt they would not be in keeping with the Indonesian folklore angle of the game and were kept out. This entire standalone is dedicated to making use of those designs.




DreadOut : Keepers of the Dark stars Linda once more. She finds herself sent through a portal by the mysterious Lady in Red, which sends her to an alternate world called The Mirror Realm. This place connects eight haunted worlds filled with puzzles, new stories about the DreadOut universe, and over thirteen new ghosts to fight off with her camera.




In the original DreadOut, the player finds themselves abandoned in an old town. This place is haunted by ghosts that can only be defeated by snapping their pictures, turning main character Linda into a ghost photographer to stay alive.

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