Dream characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl


Everyone’s excited about the news straight from Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, that there’s going to be a couple extra non-Nintendo characters aside from Snake coming to the Wii fighting game. The only rule for a character to join the ranks is that they had to already been in a game on a previous Nintendo platform. Who’s going to be in it? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment, but we picked out ten characters that we hope will make the list.

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Mega Man


The Mega Man franchise was born on Nintendo consoles and plenty of fans would love to see Mega Man square off in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. As for attacks he would have to have his Mega Buster with charge function and the slide kick. Maybe Nintendo could add Cutman’s blade, the gravity hold to grab mid air enemies and slam them to the ground or the search snake for a homing attack. Or Nintendo can ditch classic Mega Man and go with Mega Man EXE to capitalize off the success of the GBA / DS games.




After years in hibernation Bonk, Hudson’s PC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 mascot is coming out of retirement. He previously appeared in some Super Nintendo games and Bonk’s Adventure will be part of the Wii virtual console. Bonk is known for head bashing attacks so he could have combos based off of that alone. Another possibility is to give Bonk his super huge form that he gets when he eats meat. He could transform similarly to Zelda/Shiek.


Lloyd Irving


The protagonist in Tales of Symphonia, one of the few RPGs on the Gamecube, would fit right into to the cast of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. In Symphonia Lloyd is an idealistic hero that wields two swords. Giving him moves is easy since he already has an arsenal of ranged and aerial attacks shown in Tales of Symphonia. Lloyd could use his demon fang attack as a ranged projectile that skims the ground, tempest for an aerial assault where Lloyd spins in the air with his blades and sword rain for an upfront combo.



Even though Bomberman was a successful NES title there’s little chance that he will make it in Smash Brothers just because Link already throws bombs and Snake is going to have bomb attacks too. Unless he comes in the game with one of the kangaroos like in the Super NES games or in a Go Kart Bomberman is going to be an unlikely addition.




Sure it’s possible that Pac-Man could jump into Super Smash Brothers Brawl, he is already racing against Mario in the Mario Kart arcade game. But what kind of attacks would the yellow mascot have? Surely he just can’t run around and bite everyone. If Pac-Man is going to enter the Smash Brothers arena he will probably have skills similar to the Pac-Man World games like his flip kick and ground pound attacks.


Crystal Chronicles Fighters


Now that Square-Enix and Nintendo ironed out their differences maybe one of their Crystal Chronicles characters can enter into Smash Brothers. It would be easy to make up a couple of slicing combos for a Selkie or Clavat, but Nintendo could play on the materia combination element to make unique character. Maybe a different materia element can be mapped to different special attack button combinations. Up + special attack could be thunder and forward + special attack could be for fire. Once a player does one of these moves the materia would charge up for a simple spell. Or if a player did two button combinations to mix materia a new spell like gravity or holy could come out.


Chibi Robo


Skip’s little robot helper robot isn’t much of a fighter, but does have a blaster to defend himself. If Chibi Robo did come into Smash Brothers Brawl he could use his cup as shield and the water filled syringe to make puddles that other players can trip on. Or take advantage of his different costumes, like his ghost suit to scare other players.


Viewtiful Joe


Capcom’s comic book loving superhero is a fairly popular character that would be a welcome addition to Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It’s easy to give him an arsenal of punching and kicking moves like the Air Joe kick. He can even have the voomeriang for a projectile attack, but what would make Joe a really cool character is if he had his time bending powers. Maybe Joe could have limited use of mach speed by holding down an extra button while attacking. Or switch into slow motion for powerful attacks for a couple of seconds.


Leon Kennedy


If Snake can make it into Smash Brothers, why not Leon from Resident Evil 4? He would be a harder character to create since Leon would have to use guns and a bunch of other characters already have ranged attacks. Maybe Leon can have knife/kicking combos for upfront attacks and the rocket launcher for fighting from a distance. Another option is that Nintendo could have Leon call out his zombies to attack similar to Jill in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.




Sonic would be one of the best choices to add into Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Mainly because retro gamers would love to duke it out between the two ex-rivals. Sonic could have his homing jumping attack from the Sonic Adventure series as a primary air attack along with his rolling attack. If Nintendo wants to really up the ante Sonic could give him guns like Shadow… wait scratch that idea. Just make Sonic faster than everyone else and add in a couple of random shield power ups in the rotation to draw in all of the Sega fans.


We highlighted some of our favorite additions, but who would you guys like to see in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

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