Dream enhancements in Disgaea PSP


A few weeks ago, Nippon Ichi announced that they’d be porting Disgaea, their most popular title, to the PSP. While an American release is still up in the air, Nippon Ichi has stated they’ll probably be adding some additional content to the re-release. Unfortunately, they haven’t revealed any concrete bonuses. So, in the interest of baseless speculation, here are five things that we’d love to see in an enhanced version of one of the best SRPGs in the past few years:


1) Add some new scenarios. Given the episodic nature of Disgaea, it’d be easy enough to tack a few extra stories somewhere in the storyline and give veterans another reason to play through the game. Plus it would be awesome to see more of GET NAMES? THURSDAY?


2) Carry over some of the improvements from Disgaea 2. The sequel fixed some of the more niggling flaws of the original. Initially, healers wouldn’t gain experience from casting healing spells, resulting in characters that were drastically underleveled. This was fixed in Disgaea 2. Implement some of the AI tweaks, and maybe even stick in some of the minor things like the tower attacks, and you’d have a more polished game experience.

3) The ability to import character data. Let’s say you’ve spent dozens upon dozens of hours building up a level 1000 Laharl. Do you really want to start him over from scratch when you take the game on the road? The ability to character over units would eliminate a lot of unnecessary grinding. Maybe stick in some more uber-powerful enemies to challenge even the most bulked of characters. Of course, this requires one of those shifty third party peripherals to transfer data from a PS2 memory card to a computer, and then to the PSP, but it would be worth it.


4) Fill it with fan service. Since Disgaea is still a relatively recent game, a majority of the audience is probably going to be comprised of Nippon Ichi fans. Many of their titles feature cameos of characters from other games, so why not toss in some more? Marjoly from Rhapsody and the other Marl Kingdom games is already in Disgaea, so why not stick in Colette or Kururu? Or maybe Zetta or Salome from Makai Kingdom? Or just completely toss continuity out the window and put in Adell or Rozalin from Disgaea 2. Create some crazy fanfic-esque scenarios that would have any Nippon Ichi admirer fighting to get copies.


5) Include a scenario creator. The PSP isn’t exactly the best system for designing personalized maps, but if it worked for Mega Man Powered Up, it can work here. The ability to design and share user created content would drastically expand the lifespan of the game. Maybe even allow the ability to create story scenes, so gamers could pen their own twisted scenarios.


We posted our thoughts, but what would you guys like to see in Disgaea Portable?

Kurt Kalata