From A Dreamcast Puzzle Game To Dreaming Of A Game That Is A Flashback Of The NES Era



Way back in 2008, Siliconera sat down to talk with indie developer Yuan-His Chiang when he came out with his Dreamcast title Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles. Then, things went quiet. Too quiet.


Luckily, he’s back now with his new team at Yuan Works with indie title GameStar, a retro flashback title in the same vein as Evoland where players have to travel through the ancient 2D ruins of civilization—each with their own classic ways of play. He’s taking to IndieGoGo to raise funds for the title after building a working prototype that’s shown off in the above video.


The game sounds exciting, looking to combine the best bits of everything from Contra to Zelda and even classic RPGs. Before you scream “TAKE MY MONEY!!!” and click the contribute button, however, keep in mind that this is a Flexible Funding project. Whether it reaches its hoped for goal of at least $60,000 or not—which it looks like it won’t—you will be giving your money to Yuan Works.


Something to note, however, is that these guys have a history of doing great work and creating stuff even backers enjoy, such as those customized sprites for his previous game Wind And Water. Also, they’re working in partnership with the IDGA. Ok, you can scream and click now if you want.


Something else worth noting is that the developers are pretty upfront about their expectations and hopes. They’re willing to catalog their entire journey through the game-making process and have already planned for all the spare loot and swag backers will pick up if they pony up for better deals.


It’s also cool to note that even the low, low price of $10 gets you all the different versions (If they’re funded) While the game is currently set for the iPhone and Android, Yuan says he’s hoping to bring it to the Ouya, PC and possibly other consoles as well depending on how much they can raise. Better yet, if they do well, they’ll be able to ship the game with a much better amount of polish and quality by their hoped-for shipping date of Christmas 2014.


Game Star can be kickstarted at Indiegogo here.