Dreamcast Shmup Redux: Dark Matters Finally Arrives On Steam This Month



Hucast Games has announced that KTX Software Dev’s Dreamcast space shmup Redux: Dark Matters will be released on Steam this December.


The game was successfully Kickstarted over two years ago, the campaign ending on June 8th 2012 with $53,121, which is over double its target of $25,000.


The promise back then was that Redux: Dark Matters would come to Dreamcast, iOS, Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live Arcade. It was released on the Dreamcast in January 2014 but is yet to come to any consoles and iOS. Hopefully these versions are still on the way.


Now, at least, it will be heading to PC, and this version of the game has 720p and 1080p HD graphics, seven stages with huge bosses, Normal and Veteran difficulties, two playable ships with different weapons, and a soundtrack by Andre Neumann of Turrican and R-Type fame.


You can find out more about Redux: Dark Matters on its website.

Chris Priestman