The Drinks You Mix For Your Customers Guide The Story Of VA-11 HALL-A



VA-11 HALL-A has a branching storyline, but it isn’t guided by players making dialogue decisions. Instead, conversations will be guided by the drinks players make for their customers, taking the narrative in new directions with each new alcoholic concoction.



Available now on Steam and, VA-11 HALL-A gives players several different drinks to mix together. The game features a recipe book for when the customer asks for something specific, and then players just need to follow the recipe to create it. Doing so is as simple as clicking on the right drinks in the right amounts, making dystopian bartending a simple affair.




Each client will have their own tastes, which is what adds challenge, and depending on the drink players make for them, it can change the story and guide it in new directions. As players learn about their customers, they will also learn more more about the dystopian world outside the bar.

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