PlayStation Vita

Drive Girls’ New Trailers Show Off Its Car Transformations And Costume Breaks



Bergsala Lightweight, known for Bushido Blade and Kengo, released new trailers for their upcoming PS Vita game, Drive Girls. The videos show us its transforming car girls, costume breaks, and more gameplay.


The first video focuses on gameplay, giving us a look at how you’ll get to take control of one of its five playable girls and go into action with their humanoid “Fighting Form” and the “Drive Form” car mode for traveling.


The following video is one for character introductions. It shows its five girls of Lancier, Regalith, Galaxa, RR Thirty-Five, and Seven with a look at how they perform in Fighting and Drive forms.


Drive Girls releases in Japan in January 26, 2017 for PlayStation Vita. You can get the full details on how the game plays in our earlier report.

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