Dual-Screen Shmup Dimension Drive Will Have You Playing Two Games At Once



2Awesome Studio’s upcoming shmup Dimension Drive is going to take a lot of concentration to play well. That’s not unusual for an arcade shmup, but what’s special about Dimension Drive is that it has you playing two games at once on the same screen. Well, sort of.


It’s a dual-screen shmup, meaning that you can teleport between the two halves of the screen, each of which represent a different dimension. The catch is that your weapon’s energy in each dimension depletes as you shoot so to survive you need to warp between dimensions to let it recharge. Of course, as you warp across the screen you need to ensure you don’t appear inside an enemy ship and take damage.


The story here is that a race called the Ashajuls conquered the universe due to having advanced warp drives. But then they discovered that the universe has infinite dimensions so, of course, they plan on taking over all of those (if that’s even possible) as well.


You’re Jackeline Tywood, the captain of the Manticore,  and are trying to stop the Ashajuls from conquering your universe. You do this by warping between dimensions (represented by the two halves of the screen) to take down their fleets.


When Dimension Drive is finished, it’ll have a comic book art style, two game modes (Modern and the one-hit only Arcade challenge), and leaderboards where you can compete to get the highest scores against other players.


Before then, it will be coming to Kickstarter to raise funds so the team can make it the best game they possibly can. You can sign-up with your email address on the game’s website to be notified when its Kickstarter goes live. Dimension Drive will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Chris Priestman