Duel Revolution Will Serve Those Hungry For A Pokémon RPG On Smartphones



As there is no official Pokémon RPG for smartphones, other studios have had the opportunity to step in and supply the demand with their own takes on a monster-catching RPG.


In 2014, Monster Legacy and Micromon were among the better attempts at emulating the Pokémon games. And in 2015, indie studio Prodigious Works will be trying to do the same with Duel Revolution.


It’s a free-to-download 2D RPG set in a modern fantasy world with over 100 monsters to catch and battle. It’ll also have 1v1 online tournaments with, perhaps, more modes to come in the future. You’ll also be able to customize your character, including hair, gender, skin color, clothes, and accessories.


Once it’s available in early 2015, Duel Revolution will have a new chapter added to it every three months. These chapters will contain new monsters, places, tournaments, characters, and events for you to work your way through.


You can find out more about Duel Revolution on its official website.

Chris Priestman