stdsdungeon.jpgWhat's up with all these dungeon crawler delays? Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen Kimi Arugatame is also getting knocked back about a month from February 21 to March 19. While Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars) is relatively unknown outside of niche circles in North America, Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen is out of the ordinary.


Red Entertainment developed the title with two specific parts: dungeon crawling and adventure/relationship building sequences. On paper the game sounds fragmented, but Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen stays true to the Sakura Taisen formula. Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen’s new system may even pull in a new audience, fans of roguelikes instead of the core SRPG audience. Since Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Taisen is notably more accessible than it’s predecessors and it’s on a popular system, I wonder if Sega plans to localize this as well as the Shiren series.

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