Dungeon Fighter Online Adds Demonic Lancer Class


Neople is bringing the Demonic Lancer class to Dungeon Fighter Online as part of the August 23, 2016 update. According to the lore, Demonic Lancers were once like gladiators in an arena forged by the Empire. After being forced to kill their brethren, the remaining Demonic Lancers are now on the move against the Empire.



Players can choose to advance the Demonic Lancer to either the Skirmisher or Vanguard subclass. Skirmishers suppress the bloodthirsty Demonic Lance and seek to overcome its curse.



In stark contrast to the Skirmisher, the Vanguard embraces the power of the cursed Demonic Lance. As warriors, they are feared for they show no mercy.


Dungeon Fighter Online is available on PC and recently returned to Steam with several events for both newcomers and longtime fans.