Dungeon Fighter Online Steam Launch Events Make It Easy To Join The Fray


    Dungeon Figher Online Steam Launch Events

    Dungeon Fighter Online is running several special events and giving away a plethora of gifts to new players and longtime fans alike in commemoration of the game’s launch on Steam. For anyone who has ever been curious about the anime-themed MMORPG, the launch events make it considerably easy and rewarding to give the game a spin.


    First off, new players can take advantage of the “DFO 101” event, which begins today and continues through September 6, 2016 (until maintenance begins). While playing in the Abnova and Meltdown areas, a special buff grants unlimited resurrection. Plus, there are additional buffs that provide character stat boosts, an increased gold drop rate, and an improved unique item drop rate.


    DFO Steam Launch


    There is also a “Level Maketh Man” event that also runs until September 6. To participate, simply create a new character for the event, set a target level, and then level the character up. Once the player has reached Level 10, every five levels afterward they are given a gift box. It’s recommended to start at a low target level, since it’s possible to raise the target to a higher level at any time but the target cannot be lowered. Any player, new or old, who creates a new event character can reap the rewards.


    The “Attendance Event” that runs through September 27 (until maintenance begins). Players who have a Level 17+ character can clear out the Optimal Level Dungeon and receive a gift for doing so. A new gift is given out daily, one time per account, and those players who complete the dungeon 42 out of the 49 days will receive all the rewards for the entire event.


    Dunegon Fighter Online Steam Screenshot


    In addition to leveling up a character and getting daily gifts, players can also acquire a Legendary Weapon by participating in the “Legendary Event“. This event gives players a temporary unique weapon that can be upgraded by clearing the Optimal Level Dungeon 75 times. Plus, a bonus Legendary Accessory is given to those who clear the dungeon 100 times and Legendary Armor is gifted after clearing the dungeon 150 times.


    To help new players ease into the gameplay experience, Dungeon Fighter Online publisher Neople has debuted a series of tutorial videos on YouTube. The DFO Game Guide series consists of nine videos that cover everything from gameplay basics to class advancement and leveling techniques. The first video in the series is embedded below.



    Dungeon Fighter Online is now available on Steam with 44 achievements, 14 Trading Cards, and six badges that can be earned by playing on the platform.


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