Dungeon Fighter Online’s Mage Class Getting Bigger Spells



While you’ll have to wait awhile longer for Dungeon Fighter Online to make its way back West, the Korean version has given us some news on the updated second awakening classes for the Mage class as part of Season 4 Act 7.



The Mages’ second, more advanced, set of classes has been revealed. These are classes you’ll upgrade to depending on your sub-class. The Elementalist for instance can upgrade into the Zerg Overmind, a much more powerful area-of-effect combatant.


Her most powerful black hole-esque skill though needs a little time to charge. But you’ll be able to ensure foes are right where you need them beforehand with a new pull spell that sucks foes into one spot.



Other second awakening include the Eclipse, Ashtarte and Geniewiz. The above video is being narrated by the cutest Korean mage as she merrily explains the intricacies of the new sub-classes in turn.


Dungeon Fighter Online is out now on PC in Korea, and will be headed back West soon.