Dungeons & Darkness Is A Love Letter To King’s Field, And It’s Heading West



Playism is publishing Japanese indie studio Yamiuchi Project’s first-person dungeon crawler Dungeons & Darkness for PC. It’ll be out in Japan soon but will be heading to the west afterwards.


It’s described as a “love letter to classic dungeon crawlers,” with Playism namedropping the likes of King’s Field and Ultima Underworld. However, while that may be true, it apparently has a more “modern” interpretation of first-person combat than those older titles.

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“Instead of the turn-based effect of old, Dungeons and Darkness is real time, first person combat against orcs, trolls, skeletons and other Gygaxian beasts,” writes Playism.


There are over 30 different weapons to try out, a bunch of spells, and a range of shields as well. You’ll want to make use of these as you fight your way through the dragons, slimes, and other fantastical monsters within the game’s dungeons.

Chris Priestman