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Dusk Diver Enters Steam Early Access Alongside Free Demo


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Dusk Diver, the stylish action game by Taiwanese studio Jera and publisher JFI Games, is now available on Steam via Early Access, and there is also a free demo for people to try the game out.


Jera welcomes people to stream or share gameplay videos of the trial version, and controllers like the Xbox controller can be used with this game. The trial version is currently only for PC, with the Nintendo Switch version still in the works.


Additionally, JFI Games has released a new video showing off skills that will be essential to doing well in the game:


The reason why Dusk Diver is in Early Access today rather than its full release as intended was explained by JFI Games:


Why Early Access?


“Although the current version is very close to completion, however, there are bugs hidden and our goals has not been fully met just yet. We are still having many uncertainties towards players’ experience and we are eager to hear more from players’ feedback. This will allow us to move towards the right direction for a much more polished game.”


Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?


“We plan to spend the next couple of months to polish Dusk Diver, ensuring more playable content and a version with better stability.”


How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?


“We are adding more systems into the Full version of Dusk Diver, refining the battle system and balance according to players’ comment; supporting more languages to make the game enjoyable for more players.”


What is the current state of the Early Access version?


“For now, Dusk Diver is equipped with all core systems, having the complete main and sub storylines, however, unknown bugs are still possibly hidden. On the other side, battle tempo and the balance adjustment still have rooms for improvement, these are also the aspects we are trying to perfect.”


Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?


“We have not concluded a final price yet, however, after the early access period ends, the early access owners can upgrade to the full version for free.”


Dusk Diver is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2019. The PC version of Dusk Diver is now out in Early Access, with the English version on Steam to be released as soon as possible. You can find the game’s Steam page here.

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