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Dusty Raging Fist’s Animal Heroes Offer Stylish Moves For Its Brawler Action


Dusty Raging Fist’s three animal heroes don’t just punch and kick their foes into submission, instead calling up tornadoes with their attacks, smash foes with acrobatic air attacks, or call up elemental deities to finish off their foes with a flourish.



The three-player co-op brawler takes place before the events of Dusty Revenge, with children going missing and villains appearing around Double Bill Town. Due to this danger, Dusty the brawler, Kitsune the assassin, and Darg the brute will come together to bash in the heads of anyone connected to the trouble the town is facing.

Players will be defeating foes with a flourish in Dusty Raging Fist. Many attacks will move from plain punches and kicks to flurries of enchanted blows that kick up whirlwinds, send characters through acrobatic attack routines, or create other damaging effects. Players can also call up elemental spirits during a fight, with these beings blasting the field with their spells, or they can also reach out to other in-game allies that can snipe enemies or bombard the field.



The game’s striking visuals are not limited to player attacks, as Dusty Raging Fist also offers a variety of animal foes and creatures, as well as large, complex bosses, each with their own detailed designs and abilities.


Dusty Raging Fist is available now on PS4.

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