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Dynasty Warrior 9 On Steam Adds Chinese Voices And Steam Trading Card Support


DW9 8

Dynasty Warriors 9 released with Chinese support on consoles, but did not do so for the PC release on Steam. This has been rectified today along with other bug fixes, and the Steam version also supports Steam Trading Cards starting with this update.


Here are the list of bug fixes:

  • Corrected an issue in which the Chapter 11 Mission “Deliver the Fake Note” could not be completed.


  • Corrected an issue in which, when starting Free Mode without having played the Story Mode, the default weapons of officers would disappear.


  • Corrected an issue in which the screen would become dark when viewing events and movies from the Gallery.


  • Corrected an issue in which the player would become buried in the ground after completing the Chapter 7 Mission “Liu Bei’s Escape”.


  • Added support for displaying the languages below.
    Chinese (Traditional Chinese)
    Chinese (Simplified Chinese)


  • Added support for voice for the language below.
    Chinese (Simplified Chinese)


  • Corrected a number of other minor issues.


  • Steam Trading Cards are now supported.


Furthermore, Dynasty Warriors 9 producer Akihiro Suzuki stated in a tweet that a “Helpful Gems and Materials Set” will be released as an apology for the lateness of the language support.


Dynasty Warriors 9 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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