Dynasty Warriors 9 Announced As A New “Rebirth” And Open World Title



Koei Tecmo announced Dynasty Warriors 9 as the newest entry in the series at Jump Festa 2017. Its platform has yet to be revealed, but it’ll be an open world title and will feature Zhou Cang as a playable character.


Here’s its teaser trailer from Jump Festa 2017.



Producer Akihiro Suzuki says that they can’t announce its platform(s) yet, but since it’s the first main-numbered title in a while, as well as the series’ 15th anniversary, they’re facing many big challenges to make it into a “rebirth” for the series, and one of them is making it an open world title with the aim of making all of China’s continent into one giant map.






The vast fields will have towns and players will get to freely go in and out of them at any time. You’ll also run into areas that have vast elevation differences.




Zhou Cang was also announced as a playable character for Dynasty Warriors 9, but we’ll see him make an appearance in Musou Stars. The game will feature all 83 playable characters from Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires plus new characters.


Dynasty Warriors 9’s platform(s) has yet to be announced.

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