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Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets A New Trailer; Visuals For Li Dian, Lu Su, Huang Zhong, Zhurong, Meng Huo



Dynasty Warriors 9’s release is a couple months away and Koei Tecmo has plenty more to share. Here’s its latest trailer, visual and details for Li Dian, Lu Su, Huang Zhong, Zhurong, and Meng Huo on the game’s official website.


First, here’s the game’s latest trailer that shows off a few scenes from the movie, some officer highlights, gameplay elements, and plenty of hack-and-slash action.


Next, we have the latest details and visuals for the latest playable characters, including a look at their “Casual Costumes.”


Li Dian (CV: Kosuke Toriumi)


A warrior who joined Cao Cao’s army from its birth, Li Dian had an easygoing personality and a clever mind. He was skilled in predicting the locations of enemy ambushes and traps, yet, due to his laid-back personality, he sometimes caused confusion among his peers.




Lu Su (CV: Taiten Kusunoki)


The second Chief Commander of Wu, Zhou Yu’s successor, and Lu Meng’s mentor. He sought to divide China into two territories even during a time when the restoration of the Han Dynasty was the ultimate goal for many.




Huang Zhong (CV: Yasuhiko Kawazu)


With an aim that never missed, Huang Zhong’s skills as an archer brought him a position as one Shu’s Five Tiger Generals. As he became older, he grew more active on the battlefield. Although he had a unique carefree spirit brought about by his age, he also had a rigidness from his years of experience as a warrior.




Zhurong (CV: Chizu Yonemoto)


The wife of Meng Huo, Zhurong was a determined fighter who had the tendency to mother all those around her. Much like her namesake, a name she received after declaring herself as the descendant of the legendary god of fire, Zhurong, she was straightforward and aggressive but was also strongly supportive of her husband both in battle and in his duties as King.




Meng Huo (CV: Yoshiyuki Kono)


With his huge stature and exceptional strength, Meng Huo was both Nanzhong’s king and its greatest warrior. Generally acting on emotion rather than thought, his fierce looks hid an underlying love and fear of his wife.




Lastly, the website shared info on encountering powerful enemies:



While moving across the land, players may encounter bandits so powerful that they appear immune to the players’ attacks.



Defeating powerful enemies can result in earning more valuable items.



A black wolf appears. When confronted by powerful wild beasts, escaping may be the wisest option.



A rare blue-tinted tiger. Its mystical look is a sight to behold, but do not get too mesmerized by it – you may lose your life if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.



A bear with white fur. A single hit from its mighty paws will inevitably result in major damage.


Dynasty Warriors 9 releases in Japan on February 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It’ll release in North America and Europe on February 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can catch more of the game’s battles with action videos for Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xu Sheng, Xingcai, and Lu Bu in our previous report.

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