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Dynasty Warriors 9 Shows Off Bao Sanniang, Zhang Chunhua, Guan Suo, And More On Weapon System



Koei Tecmo shared the latest on Dynasty Warriors 9 with a look at the recently revealed Pang De, Han Dang, Bao Sanniang, Guan Suo, and Zhang Chunhua, and weapon system details.


Pang De (CV: Masakazu Morita)


A reputable warrior who had originally served Ma Teng and Ma Chao of Western Liang, he went on to become a general of Wei after an encounter with Cao Cao in Hanzhong. He generally had a calm demeanor and a steel-like tenacity in fulfilling his goals.


Han Dang (CV: Hideyuki Tanaka)


Han Dang, originally a footman from Liaoxi Province, was discovered by Sun Jian wherein he went on to serve Wu as a naval leader. He became a veteran general under Wu wherein he served the Sun family for three generations.


Bao Sanniang (CV: Ai Nonaka)


Born as the third daughter of the Bao family, she went on to follow Guan Suo after the two met on the battlefield wherein she became interested in him. She had a fearless personality and was often seen beaming with cheer and positivity.


Guan Suo (CV: Hiroaki Miura)


Growing up as the son of Guan Yu, he became an honest and hard-working warrior who always greeted anyone he met with sincerity. This trait made him very popular with the common people while his earnest innocence gained him popularity among many women.


Zhang Chunhua (CV: Masami Asano)


Zhang Chunhua was well-known for her intelligence, a caring mother to two talented sons, Sima Shi and Sima Zhao, and a loving wife to Sima Yi. Although her face was never without a smile, she was feared by those in her family.


Next, here’s the latest on weapon system details:


Enhance your weapons for an elevated and more exhilarating experience!

Players can enhance the abilities of their equipped weapons for high performing weapons.
Weapons can be reforged by equipping gems, which can enhance the character’s abilities or add elemental attributes, and higher level weapons may become available for purchase as a reward for clearing missions.
And if characters are equipped with their ‘favorite weapon,’ players can experience even more exhilarating action.


Reforging Weapons

Weapons can be reforged by equipping gems, which may result in randomly strengthening the attack or defense stats of the player character, or giving the weapon attack attributes such as fire, ice, thunder, wind, power or poison.
Up to 6 gems, each with different effects to improve the character stats, can be equipped and their combinations will allow for varying attributes for each weapon.



Up to 6 attacks can be equipped on a weapon; three Trigger Attacks, and three Reactive Attacks can be selected. During battle, attacks using the gem attributes will be unleashed, such as fire and ice.



A Trigger Attack (launch) using fire elements may set the enemy ablaze



A Trigger Attack using ice elements followed by a Flow Attack.
Gem attributes will continue through from the Trigger to the follow-up Flow Attack.


Obtaining Weapons

Various weapons can be purchased at the Blacksmith. Weapons are classified as one of three types (common, rare, epic), with higher ranked weapons being more powerful, but also come at a higher price.
Weapons can also be obtained by using scrolls and collecting materials to craft them.
Scrolls and materials can be purchased from the Coin Collector or found around the field.


Browse through various Blacksmiths to find the weapon of your choice


The common version of Cao Cao’s favorite weapon (general’s sword).



The rare version of Cao Cao’s favorite weapon (general’s sword).
Compared to the common version, it has higher attack and defense power and a refined look.



The rare version of Sun Jian’s favorite weapon (nine rings blade).


The rare version of Liu Bei’s favorite weapon (twin swords).

Favorite Weapon

Characters can equip any weapon, but by equipping characters with their favorite weapon unique attack actions are executed, as well as increasing their ability to perform more powerful attacks or expanding their attack range.



When Zhang He is equipped with wheels, since it is not his favorite weapon he executes regular attacks by tossing them at the enemy



When Wang Yi is equipped with wheels, since it is her favorite weapon she unleashes quick consecutive attacks on the enemy



When Lu Bu is equipped with a mace, since it is not his favorite weapon he executes regular attacks by flinging it around



When Guan Yinping is equipped with a mace, since it is her favorite weapon she executes a powerful blow to her enemies upon catching her mace after tossing it into the air


Dynasty Warriors 9 releases in Japan on February 8, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It’ll release in North America and Europe on February 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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