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Dynasty Warriors 9’s Direct-Feed Footage Shows Guan Yu, Cheng Pu, And Xiahou Dun



    We previously got a look at some Dynasty Warriors 9 footage from China Joy 2017 and Ani-Com & Games and Koei Tecmo has followed up with a better look with some direct-feed gameplay footage.


    The footage showcases gameplay action from Guan Yu, Cheng Pu, and Xiahou Dun on the same stage that was demonstrated at China Joy 2017 and Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2017. In addition to a better look with direct-feed footage, we also get to see more of the game’s Japanese version on PS4.


    Dynasty Warriors 9 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in the West and a PS4-only release in Japan. You can check out more of the game’s latest playable characters our previous report.

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